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What is VB...In The Mood?

VB...In The Mood is a private members social club for select Swinger couples

and singles within the Hampton Roads area and just beyond. 

we are a community of amazing lifestyle members!

What is a Unicorn?

A Unicorn is a female who joins in consenting sexual acts with couples or groups.

Unicorns are highly valued so we expect every member will help take care of them.

if anyone is caught mistreating a Unicorn, or anyone, they are banned

immediately from the event, website and group and without refund.

Who are our members?

Members are selected based on reputational, and aesthetic criteria.

You must reside in Hampton Roads

(Unicorns can travel/work here if active locally)

members do not have to be models, but we do hold high standards for the group

so understand, not everyone is accepted.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership is exclusive and Free

Where do the events take place?

Currently the events will be in private home(s) so restricted in attendance.

You will want to RSVP as soon as possible and secure your spot with payment as most events sell out quickly.

What should I expect at an event?

VB...In The Mood Events are unlike your typical swinger events.

we pride ourselves on getting members to engage fully for the entire night 

by offering creative ways to keep you entertained and laughing.

Expect an amazing group of people who are there to socialize and meet other amazing people.

You will laugh, You will talk about stories for days after and you will search

the event page often to grab your tickets to the next fun adventure.

Events range from social gatherings to hard core swinger events so members new

and experienced alike are welcome to engage at their pace.

Events are Byob and 420 friendly unless specified.

We use a rating system to help members decide if an event is for them

as we have members with every level of experience.

Do you accept single men?

At this time we are accepting rhino's (single men) applications for review.

We accept only impeccable single men into our group,

so please understand if you are not accepted. 

We are looking for the best!

we strive for quality and fun at our events

we like games and getting people laughing and engaging.

to us, that is the best way to Keep people In The Mood! the mood offers an organic atmosphere

our event coordinator has fun with themes and takes making people feel welcome

as a personal challenge.  you never know what she is going to put together but it is

always amazing and You will see why they book up so quickly!



The golden rule at the mood is consent.

Anyone who violates this will be removed and banned from the group for life.

There are no second chances on this!

To preserve a safe environment for personal exploration, all members and guests

are requested to conduct themselves with decorum and to treat everyone with dignity and respect AT ALL TIMES!


 To encourage freedom of expression and to protect the privacy of everyone,

photography of any kind is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate removal

unless specifically agreed upon by all members participating.

There are no refunds.

All members are required to dress for a vanilla environment until inside any event location. 

members should expect to see attire for alternative lifestyles, kinks and fetishes as well as nude bodies

all events are byob.  please bring a small cooler for your drinks

events are 420 friendly unless specified.  no illegal drugs are allowed

Privacy & Terms

The privacy of the mood is of paramount importance and must be respected by all members,

guests, participants, performers, and employees.


To participate in any the mood event, you hereby agree as follows:

(i) You agree not to disclose any identifying information of members, guests, participants, performers, and employees to the media. (ii) You agree not to use photography or video recording in all areas at an event.

(iii) You agree that you will treat everyone with respect and that you will immediately notify security if at any time you see someone engaging in a non-consensual act (sexual or not)

(iv) You acknowledge that any violation of this agreement will result in immediate removal from the mood

without refund of membership or entrance fee.

(v) There are no refunds


we expect our adult members to maintain health standards and to be

responsible and accountable for their health and the health of those around them

our home is cleaned and sterilized prior to any event and after each event to maintain

our standards and to protect the health of those we invite into it.

Our Community Website

Our group has been growing rapidly since we began running events again and so we felt

now was the time to get everyone back into the community feeling by finally creating the website

we have spoken about!  One where you can engage daily with friends, new and old

all in the lifestyle!  All Local!  All Amazing and engaged Members!

We want you all to enjoy your space and help us make it what you want it to be!

Blog/Forum/Videos/Gallery/Members Pages/Podcast/Events and more!

We have a phone app through WIX and we love it!

Our Chat groups are growing everyday and so much fun!

More pages/sections/topics/events get posted constantly so there is so much going on

Lots going on so why not apply? 


Then please send us an email or get in touch with an admin in the main telegram group and someone will be in contact as soon as possible.