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The only response is Yes, Mistress

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Stella finally found the love of her life….kink.

After reeling from a break up, she went on a quest to heal and try new experiences.

That’s when she stumbled across this underground lifestyle that not many dared to talk about, much less pursue. Always being drawn to things that went against the grain, she went into this new life willing to try anything twice, and she dove in head first. 

With rope as her first love and interest, she stumbled across all facets of kink including fire play, impact, electricity, and more. Starting off as strictly a bottom, with no interest in topping whatsoever, she fell in love with the head space it brought her.

Something about being bound in rope made her feel free, and present in the moment. While being in the care of her now mentor, Godly, she was able to have positive experiences in impact which made her feel brave, strong, and most of all beautiful.

The marks left behind told a story of submission, and she found great power and liberation in being able to hand control over to someone she trusted. 

After some time, she decided she wanted to be able to share the life-altering experiences that were so freely given to her. She now identifies as a Switch, and with proper mentorship and training has become a Top in her own right. While rope and fire will always be her first loves, she thrives on giving sensual, yet slightly sadistic impact experiences.  For her, providing the combination of pain and pleasure is what’s truly satisfying.

Seeing the reactions of her bottoms is what really motivates her to make every experience unique and personal. It’s the power and trust exchange that feeds her soul. 

Overall, she has found her home in this  fascinating and complicated lifestyle ,and spends her spare time trying to share in these experiences and forming connections with others. It is with the intention that through pain, comes a greater beauty, and she’s looking forward to evolving even more as her journey continues.


What experience are you looking for?


Impact Play

Impact is probably the most common play experience.

It generally has two different kinds of sensations between

‘stingy’ and ‘thuddy.’  

Stingy is exactly what it sounds like, and may feel like more like a cut whereas thuddy feels like it has more weight behind it.  


I have a St. Andrews cross in my playroom, and will generally restrain someone to that during a session using leather cuffs.  Using floggers, paddles, whips, and other various toys I can take you on a journey of finding that pain, oftentimes leads to pleasure.  

After a sharp sting of a whip, or the powerful thud of a flogger, I use my hands to gently touch and caress the area where contact is made.  


This experience, just like any other, will be negotiated and you will be able to tell me which toys you want to try, and which to definitely stay away from. 

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