• Anon

Welcome to the Hotel Debauchery

As the hours passed slowly, Pam grew weary and exhaustion from the long drive began setting in. The last of the sun faded behind the tall trees hours ago and the headlights from the road that had been keeping her awake, grew more distant from each other. She found herself getting drowsy and knew she would need to find a place to stop for the night. Only she hadn’t seen any hotels or even a cheap motel for the last few hours.

Pam straightened up, took a drink from her now watery big gulp and focused on her search for a place to sleep. She passed by a few tiny towns off the bypass before finally finding what looked like a motel in what seemed to be an old, small railroad town that had the appearance of once being a thriving town that was now long forgotten.

The motel was small but seemed clean enough from the outside. There were a few cars in the lot and the lights were on inside showing signs of activity. She knew she didn’t have a choice anyway. It wasn’t safe for her to be driving anymore tonight and this was all she could find in this rural area. The only AirBed in the town looked like an outhouse in the woods.

She parked the car and grabbed her small bag and looked at the motel sign. It said “RR14 Motel”. She entered the door and paused a moment to view her surroundings. The motel was way too brightly lit with a few old metal chairs stuck in one corner next to a small desk with tons of really old magazines and a display case of brochures she didn’t want to be bothered with.

Pam slowly walked up to the man behind the counter, smiled and said hello. The plain looking man in his mid 40’s peered up and looked at her, for what felt like forever, before plainly saying, “Welcome to Hotel Debauchery”.

It was a word Pam had never heard of before but she knew it wasn’t the RR14 Motel written on the sign over the entrance. She looked confused for a minute but sleepily explained that she needed a room for the night.

The man grabbed a paper and dropped it on the desk in front of her. He looked at the young blonde curiously and knew exactly how this conversation was going to go.

“How old are you Miss?” He asked plainly

“19” She answered slightly confused as she had pulled her ID out when he was shuffling the paper. She felt like if she had a credit card in her name, he must know she was old enough to pay for a room. “I just need it for one night please. I’m on my way to visit family” she said timidly.

“We are not your average hotel Miss” he said. “This motel is an experience hotel”. “Do you know what that is?” he questioned.

From the look on Pam’s face, he knew she didn’t and without looking down he tapped on the paper in front of her with a pencil. Pam peered down to the paper and realized it was not an ordinary hotel registration form. It looked more like a check off list. She began to read.

As Pam read through the list, she felt her cheeks begin to flush. She had never even seen some of these words before. Bukkaki? Femdom? Rimming? Furry?

As her eyes scanned the paper she realized her jaw must have dropped and she quickly closed it and looked up slowly to see the man looking dead at her. She didn’t know what to say for a minute and he just stared at her while she stood there silently.

“I just need a place to sleep for the night” she finally said in a slightly scared voice. She couldn’t imagine getting back on the road, but she felt so nervous being in this place now and just wanted to be behind a locked door.

“You may have a room for the night Miss. If nothing appeals to you, you can just check off the basic package which provides only one service and sign the waiver. If you want to add any additional services, there is a menu in the room available to you. If you choose not to have any of the services, there is no refund” he said so plainly, like this was a completely normal conversation and not the most insane thing she had ever heard.

She felt like her jaw was still open from utter shock and felt dazed a moment. Just then the awkward silence was broken as chimes from another door began to ring when a man walked into the lobby to get to the ancient cigarette machine against the far wall.

Pam immediately felt an insane rush of nerves and in a slightly panicked state she quickly signed the waiver and checked off the basic package, whatever it meant, deciding she would deal with that later. She turned her head and glanced over at the man who was now packing his cigarettes as he leaned against the machine, watching her.

She finished filling out the papers, signed the credit card receipt and took her key card. The clerk behind the counter turned and pointed as he gave her directions to her room. She packed up her wallet, grabbed her bag and made a beeline to the door leading to the rooms.

It took her a minute to find the correct corridor and as she passed by rooms she heard a few odd moans, a weird buzzing sound and she thought she might have even heard a man crying in one room. She scurried through the hall as fast as she could and finally found her room number. She unlocked the door and shut it behind her as quickly as possible.

Pam felt so relieved to be behind a closed door that she actually let out a giggle. She then turned to look at the room as she flipped on the light switch. To her surprise, the room seemed like a normal motel room. A bed and dresser with a large TV and night stands with lights. It was outdated and bland but looked decent enough to sleep in for a few hours. She threw her bag on the bed and sighed with relief.

Pam took some time to bathe and brush her teeth before drying off, putting on her white tank top and turquoise lace panties and climbed into bed. When she settled, she noticed the menu the man at the front desk had mentioned. She picked it up and curiously started to read through the pages.

She propped up in bed while she skimmed through words she didn’t know and pulled out her phone and began to search the unfamiliar terms. With each search she grew more and more nervous and shocked. How could this even be legal? She didn’t know but she was awake now and wished she wasn’t. She just wanted to sleep and have this night be over with, yet she did notice after reading a few terms, that her nipples seemed really hard and her breath was slow and deep. She found some of the definitions really exciting. Things she had never even imagined.

Pam flipped back to the beginning page and saw what services were offered under the basic options. She could choose between A Ballcuzzi, which she had to look up, was a hot wax treatment which had no explanation but she doubted it would be something she received at her local salon, 1 hour of masturbation assistance or something called The Midnight Snack. She had no idea what most of it was. She put the book down and pulled up the clock on her phone to set the alarm.

Just a moment later she heard a knock on the door. Her heart stopped in a panic and she didn’t move. Who was knocking on her door? She hadn’t ordered anything. They knocked again. She stupidly thought if she were silent they would just go away. After a minute she hadn’t heard anything so she put her phone down and was beginning to get into a sleeping position.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! She startled up in bed. At this point she got up and went to the locked door and spoke through it. “Can I help you?” She asked, slightly annoyed.

“You can open the door” the voice said back firmly. It was a man’s voice. Deep and strong.

“I didn’t order anything,” she answered. “I just want to go to sleep, But thank you.” She shook her head at herself saying thank you. She wasn’t sure why she said it, it just sort of popped out of her mouth.

“Open the door Pam” The voice insisted a little louder.

“I’m not opening the door, whoever you are. Please go away or I will call the front desk” she said slightly scared after hearing her name.

“The front desk sent me” The man answered directly.

“I don’t want anything. Please go or I will call the police” She said hoping to end this after she realized the man at the front desk might have actually sent him.

“I am the police Pam” said the voice.

Pam had such relief when she heard that piece of news and she felt herself calming down but then was curious why the man at the front desk would send a policeman to her room. She unbolted the door then realized she only had on a tank top and panties and turned and went to grab a blanket off the bed.

When she reached the bed she began to pull the cover off to wrap around herself and then heard the door opening. She sprung around quickly. She hadn’t opened the door! How was he coming in?

The door opened and Pam recognized the man standing in front of her. He was the man standing by the cigarette machine earlier when she checked in. She trembled and thought to herself, how could she have been so stupid to believe it was a policeman at her door.

She backed up and tried to get to her phone as he calmly walked in.

“I was just playing with you. There is no reason to be scared Miss. I won’t hurt you” He said calmly as he approached her.

Pam was freaking out inside and muttered to him “Please leave my room. I don’t want you here”

“Oh but I think you do want me here” he said. “I’m here to help you”

Pam began to tear up as she continued to back away from him. “I don’t need any help,” she whimpered.

“Oh?” said the man with a small grin on his face. “then I guess I’ll leave” he said and stopped walking towards her. The man turned to walk away and then stopped after a few steps and said “unless you want your car towed?” and he chuckled as he started out the door.

“Wait” she yelled. “My car is being towed?” She asked frantically

“It will be by morning Miss, unless you move it. The front desk has been trying to call you but you didn’t pick up”

Pam glanced at the phone, which was knocked off the hook when she had put her bag next to it and she felt like such an idiot.

In a state of relief, she thanked the tall man who was still chuckling at her as he left down the hall and she shut the door behind him and ran to get her clothes on and grab her car keys. A few minutes later she had successfully moved her car which she now realized she had parked in a handicapped spot.

When Pam went back into the lobby to thank the clerk at the front desk, she once again saw the tall cigarette guy there leaning on the desk like he was waiting for her. Her cheeks went pink again as she walked up to thank them.

“My name is Jake Miss” “I apologize if I frightened you” he said sheepishly. “I was just havin a bit of fun with you”

She relaxed knowing there was no danger and shared her name. “I’m Pam as you apparently know” she giggled. “And you did scare me, but thank you for your help” she said calmly.

It was at this time that Pam realized how good looking Jake was. He was much older than she was but he had a rugged cowboy kind of look she felt attracted too and he seemed so confident. Not like the boys she was used to from college.

“Well thank you both again, but it’s been a long night and I’m tired” she said as she went to leave to go back to her room.

After a few steps she felt a hand on her arm and she startled. She turned to see it was Jake.

“You won’t be getting back into your room without this Miss” he said while handing Pam her cardkey.

Pam noticed his strong voice again and that his touch sent shivers down her spine. She felt flush again as she thanked him and smiled. “Thank you Jake” she said softly.

“Do you need a police escort back to your room Miss?” he asked lightly with that grin of his.

Pam laughed and for some reason answered “sure”. She shocked herself at her answer but didn’t know how to back out of it.

Jake guided her through the door to the rooms and down the corridor making mindless small talk until they reached her room number.

When they got to her door Pam turned towards him and he noticed her playing with her cardkey. He knew at that moment he wanted this girl. She was young and beautiful and quite naive but curious and her naive trusting nature was alluring to him. He wasn’t used to seeing her kind here and she excited him. But she was so scared and he wasn’t sure she could handle what he had to offer, so he decided she wasn’t ready and he would simply say good night.

He began to say good night when he looked at her but caught her gazing at him deeply. It was a look he knew well and it surprised him to see it from her. From someone so young and inexperienced. He knew in that one moment she was his.

Pam noticed she was nervous around Jake but not like before. This time she was an excited kind of nervous. This was something she had never felt before. She realized she was staring at him and slowly turned her eyes away to say goodnight. Jake immediately took her chin in his hand and pulled her face towards him again. He looked deep into her eyes for a minute and then leaned into her, pushing her into the closed door. Still holding her chin firmly, he pressed his lips close to her ear and whispered to her “Open your door Miss”

Pam felt her knees weaken at the quiet demand and her nerves took over. “I can’t do this” she said

“It’s already done,” Jake responded immediately into her ear with his deep, guttural voice.

Pam tried to find words to fight her growing urges but she couldn’t. She pleaded “Please” as if to deter Jake from taking her. This entire night has been insane. She couldn’t imagine sleeping with a man she only just met. This wasn’t her. “I can’t do this. This isn’t me” she begged.

“You can, you will and it is you Pam” Jake said strongly. “I know you want this. You have already given yourself to me. “Do as you have been told” he stated firmly.

Pam could no longer think. Her hand fumbled as she tried to place the keycard in her door