• Anon

Unleash Me

The way you make me beg

Leaves my mind free of burdens.

The way you make me need

Leave Me like a cat in heat.

When you say,

I obey.

You rule me like no other has

Making my body twist in agonizing lust.

Every sense I have heightened from one simple gaze.

How do you do what you do to me?

What is it about your voice that commands?

Like a puppet on your string

You bring me to another place and I soar

I am the deepest, darkest part of me who longs to release.

You invoke me,

Setting me free.

You are my every fantasy

my challenger

my God

make me beg for you again

Challenge every bit of my control

Let me unleash my goddess to lay below you.

For your words feed me

and I'm hungry.

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