Our first visit to You know where

No seriously...That's the name

YKW, You Know Where, is a fantastic, 12000sqft, Lifestyle club down in Fayetteville, NC and we had the absolute pleasure of visiting there last weekend for the first time.

The journey down through southern Virginia and well into North Carolina was a simple, pleasant drive. Not much to look at but also not a lot of traffic and just a chill, low key drive with little police presence, very few slowdowns and a lot of deer at night.

It took us about 3hrs, 45mins to drive to the town of Fayetteville, which I really don't have too much to say about. I wasn't impressed, but we also didn't spend much time in the town since we were just there overnight so maybe there are things to do.

We found out about YKW through some friends who mentioned it once and since they were planning on opening up for full hours, 9pm-3am, we figured it was worth checking out since we were ready to see people in quantity and the club averages 250+ on a Saturday Night. All their Saturday events are Couples and Single Women only. Friday evenings are open to single men, so expect a lot if you go then.

When we arrived at the location, a seemingly uneventful spot with a group of buildings surrounding a parking lot, we saw a ramp leading up to a red door with the YKW Logo. That was the ONLY marker signifying this was the spot to the club. I will admit, as someone who loves games, this made me feel super bad ass in some silly way.

Upon masked entry, we found ourselves in a very muted lobby, check in area where we were greeted by security guard #1 who checked our ID and temperature and walked us through signing club consent agreements in the computers behind us and then proceed to New Members Check in, which was right next to Existing Members Check in.

Once we paid our $40 couples fee, which is a really terrific admission price, we were given a glowband bracelet to signify our newness to the group (not the lifestyle) we were escorted to Security Guard #2 who showed us a room to enter with a few other newbies.

The Club has a really impressive set up for new comers and in this room we were shown a video of the club, it's rules and expectations of members. It was short, easy to follow and straight forward. The cutie guard then verbally enforced a few stead fast rules they clearly want known and then took us through the doors for a quick club tour.

Upon walking in, we were immediately impressed and having been to many clubs in cities like NY, were happily surprised to find this hidden gem as on first impact it was impressive.

The giant warehouse looking space was all decked out with 20ft high, black walls and a huge dance floor. There was seating everywhere with accents of red and 5 giant cabana's against one wall. At the far end of the room was the DJ booth and the buffet next to that.

Looking right next to the door we walked into, we were instructed to notice the fridges lined up where patrons are free to keep their BYOB and shelves next to that where giant coolers can be kept. This area is well lit, and visible to everyone (I watched it a lot that night and saw literally zero issues with anyone messing with stuff in that area)

On the other side of the door was a bar looking area that was the locker rental station. You will provide a $5 deposit and will get the full amount back when the key/lock is returned so it's free. We rented one and the lockers are behind the rental station and you can access them at will all evening. Again, very secure and very well lit.

ok....So the tour showed us around the entire space and dropped us off back at the locker rental station. The entire check in process and tour took maybe 20 mins tops and was so informative, thorough and left us feeling like we had some clue of how things worked there.

Now free to wander around, we put our stuff in the lockers and found some spaces to linger.

We spent the evening commenting on how well the establishment was run and honestly how much our group would love the space as it really fosters all levels of lifestyle couples to enjoy themselves in a hassle free environment. I mean, we spent a lot of the night, just enjoying out night too lol.

OK..so the club offers a lot of spaces to watch or participate in. They have rooms that can be closed for privacy or left open for voyeurs or to invite other participants. There are gloryhole rooms, Female gloryhole rooms (OMG...LOVE THIS), rooms for group sex, rooms with themes, dungeons and more. Everything is seriously clean (They walk you through how) and apparently their Symbian room is a huge hit with a wait so groups often gather back there by the stripped pole to watch some moves while they wait.

There is so much to say about this place, but mostly what I want to say, is this is definitely a club we would recommend to our members of ANY level as security was very present throughout the entire night. Very approachable and visible, but we saw literally NO issues or need for them to interfere in anyone's night as everyone was there to dance, eat and be merry. People were held to their standards of decorum and it showed.

Oh...Side note...I'm not one for buffets and most swinger events (except ours lol) but theirs was seriously top notch and the fresh, still hot, biscuits they brought out around 1am made the trip worth it alone!

So ask any questions and I'm happy to answer or tell us in the comments about your experiences there.

I've added a link to their website and we are thinking of adding this venue to our list of possible trips for this year. We are looking into a party bus rental to get there and back so let us know if you think you would be down for that as an event.


These photo's do NOT do the club any justice, but give you an idea of their decor/space

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