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NYE Swingers ball

I've never really celebrated New Years Eve before. I've made attempts to stay up to watch the ball drop and some years I managed to see the drop only to go to bed mere moments after giving a small kiss to my partner and saying an unimpressed Happy New Years.

This year, being newly single, I was determined to make it special. I had hopes of fulfilling one of my elaborate fantasies like getting gang banged at the stroke of midnight, but it seems my paranoia at staying sexually healthy still makes that fantasy a bit difficult to achieve as I would never be able to fully enjoy it unless I knew everyone was safe and clean. And well...that takes time and NYE was here and ready to be celebrated NOW!

So I went to work and as the day rolled on, I became more and more frustrated as any plans I tried to make seemed to falter. Seemed this night was determined to end up like the other years...only worse. This time I was alone. My ex took my daughter away for a few days, so there was not even a kiss from a sleeping 6 year old to be had for me.

Unlike previous years though, I was different. I was stronger and more empowered and so I realized I was absolutely capable of creating fun this night and I could and would make it happen! Mommy free nights are rare and that was enticement enough to live this night up.

So shortly before leaving work, I said yes to someone who has been wanting to meet me for drinks for months. I wasn't exactly inspired, but there was potential for fun there, so figured it was better than no plans.

I got home, showered, fed the pets and got dressed.

So there is this outfit I have that basically to me, means sex. It's just that outfit that when I put it on, I feel incredibly sexy in it. It is a simple black halter jumpsuit and it hugs my curves beautifully. Even better is I tend to wear it without a bra, which is quite something as my 36DDD breasts sway under the thin fabric making my nipples fully erect all night. I love that feeling and I love the looks it gives me.

So I'm dressed, my hair looking really nice, all flowing down my back, cascading over my bare shoulders. Makeup done just a bit more dramatic for the evening's festivities. There is something that happens when I put on makeup for going out...My mind instantly thinks to the moment you are blowing a guy and you look up and he sees your makeup all smeared across your face...It's exciting and always makes me put on extra eye liner.

I received the information for where to meet the...hmmm...lets just call him the "date" and I got into my car and drove the 8 minutes to the cheesy Mexican restaurant hidden behind the train tracks that I have avoided going to for 12 years now.

When I pulled up, I quickly checked my phone for his name again and got out of the car. I was greeted immediately by the date who apparently recognized my license plate as it matched my kik screen name, which now that I think about it, do NOT remember him having. I digress.

He was fairly attractive. Shorter than I imagined, but I had seen a few photos of him so had some idea of what to expect and was not unhappy with the reality of him. He seemed quite pleased with my appearance, which I gathered from the grin on his face and the extra time he took pressing into me when he hugged me hello.

We walked into the restaurant and to my surprise it was actually lovely inside. We went to the bar, instead of a much more comfortable table and ordered a few drinks.

So to fast forward the next 90 minutes...The date was fairly uneventful. He is a super nice guy, but there just wasn't that spark that makes me want to drop my panties. It was a nice conversation and then an awkward hug goodnight.

So here I am, all dressed up and now a sweet little buzz from the very strong rum drink I had and nowhere to go! I checked my phone for any other offers and nothing. So a very sad me just heads home.

I remembered I had bought snacks earlier and so I got home and made myself a little plate of olives and cheese and sat down to munch on them. I was blue. Totally depressed that this was how my night was turning out. Then I was pissed. Pissed at myself for allowing this night to be this way! I mean come the fuck on...there were people and parties and fun to be had everywhere! The least I could do was attempt to make something happen.

So I picked my sorry ass up and refreshed my makeup and Google'd "New Year's Eve Swingers Party" . I'm not sure why I put that specifically into the search field but I did. And to my surprise it came up immediately with the Swingers Ball at the Hilton a town away. I looked at the info...$20 for dinner, dancing etc.... Do not have to be a member...after party...the more I read the more It seemed exactly like where I should be. I immediately made up my mind to go.

I knew I would be going alone so I put on my brave face and got my ass in the car and started to drive the 38 minutes. My ETA was 10:58 which was perfect. If it was great I would be there in plenty of time for midnight and the after party. If it sucked, I had enough time to wish myself a Happy New Years and then bounce.

I arrived at the Hilton exactly as my GPS stated and parked my car. The lot was completely full which was a good sign as the party was expected to have anywhere from 150-200 people. I got out and immediately saw the smoking tent and heard the loud music playing. More good signs.

So I've never been to a swingers party before. I had been to a "hotel party" once which was just terrible and I ended up leaving that, which is another story all together. But I’ve never been to a full on swingers party. I was more excited than nervous though. I do love a good sexventure!

I walked into the hotel and briefly looked around until I saw it...A huge floor to ceiling curtain completely closing off a massive section of the lobby leading down to the conference/ballrooms. I knew that was where I had to go and it was confirmed when a woman wearing a shiny green halter bra and extremely open micro skirt of the same costumey material walked barefoot out of the curtains to the front desk, then a moment later walked back through the curtain.

I followed her and when I walked in I saw what looked to be a pretty normal scene. A hotel bar area with people crowding around talking, drinking, laughing and having a good time. Only upon second gaze did I even realize that many of the patrons wore less clothing than you may typically see well...anywhere in public.

I was greeted by a very friendly, short and attractive brunette woman who looked for my bracelet. After realizing the unfamiliar protocol, I explained I had just arrived and she smiled and said to follow her.

So to speed up to the good parts...I got checked in and well...checked out. It was obvious that most of the people here knew each other well. The "I've eaten your dick too many times to count" kind of familiarity. So being a newbie to the group, I stood out right away. That and I was a single woman, so by the time I had checked in and received my bracelet, I already had 2 offers for sex. It was so funny and I loved the braiseness of it all.

I was told by the person who checked me in, to head to the back as the bartender back there made amazing off I went in search of more yummy rum.

Walking through the hall I saw swarms of people everywhere. It was dark but could make out small groups huddled together eating, drinking, fondling etc...There was a voyeuristic kind of excitement in the air.

I finally made it to the back room where the actual ball was and found the bar. Got another rum drink and just stood to watch a while.

The only way to explain the scene is to say it was like a Prom for 30-60 year olds with a lot of liquor, a lot of sexual experience, very little clothing and zero inhibitions. It was FANTASTIC! I am such a voyeur and so I loved seeing people dance and kiss and then turn around and make out with someone else next to them. I just love that uninhibited shit!

If you’ve never been to something like this, please understand...There are rules. The number one, unbreakable rule is NO MEANS NO. If you approach someone and they show even a hint of being uneasy, you are to back off. There is no wiggle room in this and believe me, if someone tried to fudge that rule, they would immediately be escorted out and banned from any other events. This is why people can be as freely sexual as they are without a sense of fear for their safety. So absolutely everything I describe on this night stems from the certainty that all that happens was wanted to happen by all parties involved. Also, there are no photos to be taken. Ever.

Fast forward a bit... My only adventure up until midnight was going to the woman’s bathroom where I was followed in by a cute tall, buff, black man who was very drunk and very flirty and handsy with everyone. I had observed him for a while and he was funny and was definitely there to have a good time. He followed me into the bathroom and playfully announced how he had decided he wanted to pee in the stall next to me and then began to tell me through the stall walls how he wanted to see my fine ass when I was done. We laughed as we peed for a minute.

Well...Wearing the halter jumpsuit pretty much makes me have to be naked to pee, so when I was done I opened my stall door and turned around and popped out my bum in my cute pink panties. He chuckled, moaned and ran his hands along my ass softly giving my cheeks a squeeze and then teasingly, I turned around to pull up my jumpsuit, exposing my flesh for just a moment until the fabric once again covered my bare breasts. The tease worked as he was rubbing his cock and opened his zipper revealing his rather large cock and for a moment I considered just dropping to my knees but decided the bathroom was not a place I wanted to start my fun and well...I cum when I suck cock and I cum a lot and I just didn't want to walk around soaking wet from a quick bathroom blowjob. I left the restroom chuckling at the event and watched the man rejoin his group with a fun grin on his face.

Midnight came and went and I wished myself a Happy New Years and was hugged by some random drunk swingers and I felt good with how my night was going. This was exactly where I wanted to be at midnight on New Years.

12:30 hit and the announcement was made that the after party was beginning on the 2nd floor. I made my way up and this is where the night got really interesting.

The second floor was apparently completely taken over by the swingers who had rooms booked at the hotel. I was a bit thrown off guard by the rows of buffet style food covering several six foot long tables right in the hall by the elevators. I had not prepared for crock pots of meatballs and gobs of wings to be available.

At this time, everyone had apparently changed from their revealing slutty ball wear to even more revealing, more slutty night clothes. Breasts, thighs, cocks, abs...all of it exposed in ways you could only imagine. I only had my jumpsuit and felt rather overdressed but since I had no other options with me and was not ready to go full on nude, my jumpsuit was staying put.

The funny thing about swingers...Almost nobody has an amazing body, but nobody gives a shit! You are there to have uninhibited fun and have sex and fulfill fantasies with people who understand the lifestyle. It's such an amazing experience and if you have never been, you have to go. Even if just to watch.

So I meandered around the halls, now filled with people gathered in small groups and running in and out of different rooms. It was getting so hot in the hallway from all the people in heat so I eventually found my way down to a set of two adjoining rooms that seemed to be open to everyone. The pole dancing room is where I ended up because there were comfy chairs and I could sit and watch people dance around a stripper pole for a while. I found out later that the stripper pole travels around with this group everywhere they go. I watched quite a few inebriated people attempt to spin around a slick metal rod and had quite a few laughs at their fails to complete even one turn. That room was a hoot.

I was also noticing that the adjoining room next door kept getting lots of attention so after a little while in the pole dancing room, I popped into the room next door. Apparently a threesome of two women and a man had just finished having sex and the crowd watching was now breaking up. When I stepped fully into this room , I had noticed how much cooler this room was and noticed the empty chair in the far corner next to the AC unit. I went over and claimed my spot. The air felt so good on my roasting skin and I was so happy to have claimed this perfect location for more sexgazing.

How perfect was this spot? Well, It was 30 degrees cooler, had a view of both the pole dancing room and the room people kept coming in to have sex in and my comfy little chair swiveled. It was also a room that was watched over by the cutie, young security guard who worked these parties. He was young, hot, built and completely comfortable in this environment. He was also really lit by this time of the night.

I wasn’t there long before I got the chance to watch another couple fucking on the queen bed furthest from my spot. Every now and then I would see the cute black man from the bathroom downstairs come into the room. Eventually he came over to me and asked me how my night was going and began rubbing my shoulders and breast as I replied to how my evening was.

At this point in the evening, I had a pretty good idea of how this kind of party worked. I never at any point in the night felt pressured or unsafe and I also knew I was staying for the afterparty to enjoy myself and see what shenanigans may or may not happen.

Also in this moment, my new friend had decided he was going to make another offer and stood up, moved next to me, unzipped his pants and pulled his large cock out. I slowly turned my swivel chair and got into position. His smooth cock was very nice looking and about 6-7 inches long. I knew I had this though as sucking cock is something I am very good at and enjoyed doing.

What I realized the moment I opened up my mouth and began to lick his head, was that his cock was rather soft...I thought oh shit...this sucker is gonna grow a bit more. I had no idea!

I opened my mouth more and began to take his cock deeper. Licking and flicking and long slow sucks. As I sucked I felt him growing in my mouth. And it continued to grow until I could no longer take him down into my throat in the position I was sitting. I pulled off and moved my angle and began to suck again arching my neck to allow him deeper. His cock completely filling my mouth. I felt myself about to come so pulled off and paused a moment to explain how I needed a towel. I stood up and walked to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and went back to my chair where he was waiting with a slightly confused expression.

When I sat back down a moment later I tucked the towel between my thighs and explained why I needed it. This made him even more aroused. I looked down at his now very hard cock and couldn't believe it. This fucker had grown to 12 inches easy! I'm not exaggerating! It was the biggest cock I've seen and certainly the biggest I've sucked.

I kneeled back down and took him deep into my throat. I had a challenge getting him completely in and the more I swallowed him down, the more I came. I was cumming non stop as I sucked him, hearing his moans and comments made me crazy.

The blowjob I was performing had apparently grown an audience which made it worse for me as it turned me on immensely knowing I was being watched. At some point his lady came up and lay on the bed next to us and encouraged me to suck him deeply. The idea of what was happening was very intense and I loved it. At some point, we ended up fucking on the bed for a while and tbh because of his size, it hurt quite a bit, even with the heavily lubed condom, so I enjoyed that less. I don't know how some women can take a cock that big, but it was still a fun sexperience.

When I was finished he zipped up and jokingly asked to see the towel I had been using. His reaction was too funny as he was very shocked at how soaked it was and threw it to his lady who was still laying on the bed from watching he and I have sex. I'm not so sure she was appreciative of being doused with my cum soaked towel, lol.

At this time the audience that had gathered around us broke up and one tall man had thanked me for the show and praised my job taking a large cock so deep into my throat. Then I sat back in my chair watching another couple who had just began to fuck in the bed furthest from my chair. It’s funny how things just spontaneously happen and then back to “normal”.

It was only a few moments later that the hot security guy had come back into the room and walked up to me. He asked me if I was having fun and I chuckled and said yes. After a minute of a flirty, shy chat, he mentioned to me that it was his room we were all in and I felt my cheeks get flushed as I got so embarrassed. He laughed and said it was fine, he was getting new sheets. We chuckled. He was so fucking adorable and I loved flirting with him, but figured it was one sided until he asked me nonchalantly If I came with his room for the night. I smiled and told him I could if he wanted me too. He said he did and asked that I stay there and wait for him to be off around 2:30.

It was about 1:30 at this point and I knew I wanted him, so I agreed with a smile and nod. He nodded and went back to his rounds. For the next hour he would pop in and out of the room to make sure I was still there. I will admit I kind of felt like a teenager and I loved every second of the situation and of our continual flirty banter.

So for the next hour I did lots more watching people fuck. Around 2:15 a couple came into the room followed by another man and they proceeded to fuck on the bed furthest from me. That girl took a huge cock pounding for nearly 40 minutes as she sucked two different cocks, one her husbands and some random guy who just joined them randomly. I was seriously impressed with her when she was done. But at some point while they were still fucking my hottie security guy came in and sat next to me while we waited for them to finish.

When they were done, he locked the doors and turned off the lights and then kissed me deeply. This young guy gave me the kind of kiss that totally rocked my world, probably because of how turned on I was the last few hours, but he was a very good kisser. He definitely had a talented tongue and I am a sucker for an amazing kisser as there is NOTHING that turns me on more than a good kiss.

I removed my jumpsuit and panties and had already had my nipple clamps on that I brought with me. He leaned down and sucked my nipple and bit it hard as I yelped. My knees went weak. "mmmm...You like it a bit rough don't you?" he asked but already knew I did from my obvious reaction.

He threw me to the bed and the fucker began to lick, suck and eat my throbbing cunt for 45 straight minutes. I came buckets as he had serious skills and I thought he would never finish. I wanted him so badly after that. He came up and began fondling and biting my breasts again, which I really do love. Finally I had an opportunity to suck his cock and for the next 2 hours we played and fucked and sucked over and over. It was amazingly great sex.

Now I've only ever had this with one other person, but there were times he had me so worked up, he didn't even have to touch me and I came. I couldn't stop cumming. It was crazy and fun and silly and playful and every time I tried to stop and go to sleep, he would find ways to keep me awake. We laughed all night and slept maybe 30 minutes completely wrapped up in each other's sweaty limbs as he was a serious cuddler. It was just one of those earth shattering sex nights that you never forget.

So come check out time the next day, I had never been so exhausted but have never been so content and satisfied. I got dressed and we kissed a while and I asked him how old he was. Turns out he was 29 and he was even more shocked when I told him I was almost 42. He asked me for my number which I thought was fucking adorable and I happily gave it to him cause if he wanted to do this again, I was definitely In!

I drove home and was so pleased with how my night had gone. I hadn't managed to check much off my fuckit list, but I had the best New Years Eve I have ever had.

When I got home, I showered and went to bed. A few hours later, my hottie was calling me to fuck again on the phone. I came hard and then went back to sleep.

It was the perfect NYE.

P.S. I saw Stephen many times after that night and we are still dear friends to this day. He is such a sweetheart!

Happy New Years Everyone

Sweet hugs and very Spicy kisses.

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