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You know the scene in the movie Eyes Wide Shut where they are all at the party and the woman stands naked before a group of masked, cloaked figures? Well it wasn't exactly like that, but keep that image in mind when you hear about Meet the Spouses Night.

The party, held at the amazing home of one of the bigger partners, was a big deal because making a good impression with the spouses of this particular group meant a lot as we would be spending a great deal of time with and you want to like people you spend time with. I had met a few of the partners but not any of the spouses so I was hoping to use the opportunity to make a new friend or two.

My dark hair left loose and long down my back, my slightly bold makeup seamless and a body hugging nude, backless dress only slightly darker than my flesh and way too high, nude heels. I was going for simple and underrated, to not draw attention. At least that's what I said outwardly.

The party was amazing and most of the spouses were great. Most spouses were women and all really fun, beautiful and some a little crazy (my kind of women) but there were two husbands that I hadn't met prior and I will say, both were noticeably enticing. Strong build, tall and one had a really rugged look that makes your vagina twitch a little upon visual impact.

I managed to not embarrass myself too much with my very silly and inappropriate humor, which was important because these parties seem to happen often with this group so luckily as the night went on, it felt like all the partners and spouses were solidly off to a good start.

The evening went long and around 1:30am I noticed about ⅔ of the wives had disappeared. I didn't see any of them leave which was weird, but there were only 4 women left in the room at this point. I figured it was getting time to leave since everyone was kind of moving around now and my spouse had stood up behind me.

That's when the night turned.

I was standing in front of my husband as one of the larger partners approached and I went to engage in a conversation with him because it looked like he was coming to talk to me only I felt my husband grab my arm and I realized my mistake.

Only I hadn't made an error and was confused almost immediately when I realized it, only before I could turn to ask him what was up, I heard his voice directly in my right ear. It was strong, firm and quiet.

"Get on your knees" he said.

My heart stopped. This was a phrase I knew well and what it meant. I couldn't think as my mind went spinning and I started to panic. But just when I tried to take a breath, his hand let go of the firm squeeze on my arm and against everything yelling in my head to run and flee, I slowly lowered myself down to my knees as instructed.

My mate stood there proud and emboldened and at that point I noticed two of the remaining wives walking towards my husband, leaning into him making it very clear their immediate intentions and apparent disregard for my will.

I also noticed the partner now walking pretty damn close to me and as my eyes swiveled to my spouse and the now many men approaching me, I began to realize what was taking place.

I heard some giggling and my partner moan a little as he was being groped, then watched as the ladies began to lead him away from me, up the stairs to another floor entirely.

I watched his smug face as he peacocked around the now swarm of 4 ladies and I began to imagine all the women up there waiting like a harem and how much he would love every second of it. How he wouldn't fucking think of me for a second as he was getting off with whoever.

I felt sick. My stomach cramped, my heart raced. I felt betrayed, belittled.

I felt abandoned, humiliated and used.

I felt so worthless and low

And I loved every second of the feeling.

I turned my head away from my husband as he made his way up the staircase, looked way up high to the body closest to me, opened my mouth wide and slowly stuck out my tongue.

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