Idea for the Perfect Mothers Day

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For those of you who may be lost for ideas of what to get your woman for Mother's day, here is an option for you. Remember she is also a lover. She craves seduction and being wanted. She lusts. She has sexual needs.

Breakfast in bed is a cute idea, especially when the kids make it. But when they are gone and hopefully doing dishes, take her pussy into your mouth and remind her sweet little cunt how motherhood began. Make her moan and beg you to stop, but don't! Not until her body is motionless or the kids are screaming for 911.

Then throw the covers over her and let her sleep.

When she finally wakes up, let her open her gifts from the kids and fuss over the cute picture Tommy made or the sculpture Lucy made and then send them immediately out to play!

Draw her a bath. Let her soak in the simmering water a while with a good book, some candles and the quiet. bring her a mimosa and lean down and kiss her sweetly. Share with her some fond memories and then slip your fingers between her thighs until she has almost slid under the water. Do not stop if she drops the mimosa! That only means you are doing a good job.

When she gets out of the tub to get dressed, discuss dinner plans (of which she will not be cooking!) And then throw that slut on the bed and fuck her until she forgets what day it is! When it is done, leave her a snack, get dressed and take the kids and go away for at least 4-5 hours. Message her with a 1 hour warning before you come back home.

Come back with flowers and clean, ready to go to dinner children and enjoy the night as a family. Sometime during dinner, slip her your gift or card or just share more memories of her as a woman, wife and mother.

By tonight, after she has tucked the children to bed thanking them for the incredible day, she will come back to you. Her lover.

Best Mothers Day EVER!

Share you not so typical mothers day ideas in the comments

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